REMEDIES - 4 THIEVES - Essential Oils

4 Thieves is very effective for MRSA's and even toxic mold and other airborne bacteria. You can either create it yourself or purchase from 
Essential oils

Cinnamon Bark 
Clove Bud 

The recipe for this blend is believed to have originated from thieves during the 15th century. According to popular theory, the concoction was created by a group of four thieves® and grave robbers to protect themselves from contracting the plague while robbing the bodies of the gravely ill and deceased. When apprehended, the thieves admitted to using the formula and disclosed the recipe in order to receive a less severe punishment for their crimes.
Whether or not this story is true, the essential oils in this blend are antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-infectious. They will stimulate the immune system, circulation and respiratory system, and help protect against the flu, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, sore throats, cuts, and more. Modern testing has shown the effectiveness of this blend and studies have found it to have a high kill rate against airborne bacteria.
This is a classic recipe, but you can customize it by adjusting the quantities or adding other antibacterial essential oils such as Tea Tree, Oregano, Thyme, Sage, Ravensara, Lavender, Juniper Berry, Hyssop, Bay Laurel, or Scotch Pine.

Mix all essential oils together in a dark glass bottle.

This essential oil blend is very strong and must be diluted!  The essential oil content should only account for 1 to 2% of the total formula. This means that up to 6-12 drops of essential oil can be added per 1 oz of carrier oil or other menstruum.  For more information about diluting essential oils, please refer to our Dilutions & Conversions Guide
There are many ways that you can use the blend, here are some of the most common applications:
- To sanitize and purify the air in your home or workplace, place 2-3 drops of the essential oil blend in a diffuser, nebulizer, or in a pot of simmering water on the stove.  Diffuse for approximately 20-30 minutes.  This is especially beneficial if someone in your home or workplace is sick.
- Make an antibacterial all-purpose spray for cleaning and disinfecting your home or workplace.  This is perfect for office spaces and shared areas! Fill a spray bottle with water and add the essential oil blend at a 1-2 % dilution rate.  Spray on counter tops, desks, and on other surfaces.  Make sure to shake before using as the oil and water will naturally separate.
- Use a 1-2% dilution rate of the essential oil blend in a base of water or alcohol, and spray onto insect bites, poison oak, and poison ivy rashes to help reduce inflammation, itching, and irritation.
- Mix the essential oil blend at a 1-2% dilution rate with organic Jojoba or Olive oil.  Use as a massage oil for sore muscles, the lower back, neck, and feet.  It can also be dabbed on skin throughout the day for general cold and flu prevention and immune support.
- When congested, mix a 1-2% dilution rate of the essential oil blend with organic Jojoba or Olive oil, and rub under the nose or on the chest. Or, place 1-2 drops in a bowl of hot, steaming water and inhale the vapors under a towel to relieve congestion.

* Essential oils are highly concentrated, strong, and powerful liquids that can be harmful if not used carefully and properly.  This is an especially potent blend of essential oils which could cause irritation when applied to the skin, even in diluted amounts. We advocate caution when using them, and do not recommend using essential oils internally.  Please keep essential oils out of reach of children. We do not advocate usage of this recipe on babies, toddlers, or children
You can either create it yourself or purchase from 

The Owner is a wonderful Chemist, Rose


The substances tested were garlic, honey, tea tree oil, oregano oil, thyme oil, olive leaf extract, wintergreen oil, and lemon oil. 
The most effective were 
Tea tree oil, Oregano oil, Thyme oil, Wintergreen oil, and Lemon oil. 

Oregano oil was determined to have the greatest antimicrobial activity with a mean minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of 0.56 (%v/v) followed by thyme oil with a mean MIC of 2.47 (%v/v).

Another natural anti-biotic Olive leaf Extract has been used in hospitals in Hungary to overcome MRSA with good success rates.  Olive leaf extract has been used as a natural antibiotic for thousands of years; when the active components were isolated in 1969, an upsurge of research has resulted in dramatic discoveries.  Research at the Upjohn Company, published by the American Society for Microbiology, found that the active components in Olive Leaf - elenol acid and calcium elenolate, inhibited the growth of every virus, bacteria, fungi and protozoa they were tested against. 

 Oxyboost could be used at a rate of one teaspoon every 6 hours. This is a very powerful treatment that is likely to cause most people to feel extremely "hyper", so we would only recommend this in severe, life-threatening cases and only for short periods of time. Lower doses for short to medium to long term use are likely to be helpful.

MRSA: Black seed has anti-bacterial activity against clinical isolates of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
Poisonous Virus: Take one glass warm water, add one spoon date ( Khajur) powder, half tea spoon Black Seed Oil and two spoons honey, mix together and use thrice a day. Treatment may continue for forty days. Avoid potato, brinjal grams, pulses ( Chana ki dal & Masoor ki dal)

Prevents Radiation Damage: Nigella sativa oil (NSO) and its active component,thymoquinone, protect brain tissue from radiation-induced nitrosative stress.


Manuka Oil -What is it?? 10x more antibacterial & antifungal than Tea Tree Oil!

Manuka Naturals Hi Andrea Ammerman, the oil is extracted by steam distillation. it takes 1 ton of manuka leaves and twigs to produce 1 litre of oil. The exactly temperature controlled steam is passed through the harvested leaves and then distilled to extract the oil in our laboratory in New Zealand.
Manuka Naturals The Manuka oil is the thing that makes Manuka Honey work basically, it is the thing that is anti-bacterial and antifungal, etc. Very potent!


Examination of Live Blood in DarkField by Dr Hilbert Seeger MD, PhD

Dr Marcial Vega  goji

Acidic Blood vs Alkaline Blood

0:50 not O2, very acid, dots little brown =bacteria, dark spots=cholesterol
taking goji 1:50 more alcaline , white blood needs to be white 3:12 after 5 days anemic, plae in the center, 3:47 uric acid crystals 8 days of taking goji
4:05 hemoglobin - alcalinisation, well delineated - 10 days  4:57 fungus is white it is surrounded by white blood cell
goji takes effect within 48 hours


Blood slide preparation for Dark Field Microscopy Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis Dark Field Microscopy explained

Neutrophyl and Monocyte

Enderlein Dunkelfeld

Live Blood Analysis / Vitalblutuntersuchung im Dunkelfeld

Clare Shepherd Czerall Wheeler Prime Directive

Live Blood Analysis

0:33 Healthy blood
1:16 Migraines, IBS, disturbed memory - blood cells stacked = rouleau
or in clumps -
3:14 ME, nausea
4:00clear plasma, 2 naps / day , not tired 
chylomicrons (fat particles)
5:10 Healthy  plasma clean, no debris, shimmering live, healthy, taken supplements

5:56 IBS , diarrhea 14 x/d, abdominal pain, depression, fatigue, lassitude, hysterctomy, stacked rouleau, fine lines in plasma
7:13 better, sleep and overall

7:39 IBS, colitis, diarrhea
7:55 after 2 months on supplements

9:34 rouleau
9:51 after 3 months of supplements, 10:50 immune cells at work 
11:12 chicken pox, flu, cough cold, low E, poor stamina, join pain, skin rash
11:454 after 3 mo E, no muscular pain, better mem, concentr, no more cough,no skin rash, plasma clean, evenness , immune vitality improved, immune number, 

Lacto Bacilus, Amino acids, Essential fats, minerals, vitamins, trace elements
in Prime Directive superfood

Dr Pearl La Perla

Darkfield Microscopy and Revitalized Water.

The Basil Gold show.
Revitalized Water
1:35 Rouleau= red blood cells stacked excess proteins, lack of hydration , loose charge repell one another, stick together, no O2, fatigue, lack of E, motivation, degenerative disease
2:53  fibrin in the middle

Shocking Blood Samples Doctors Don't Want YOU to See!

Picnogenol, digestive enzymes
0:43 NORMAL Red blood cells round, evenly shaped, freely floating in plasma
no clotting, bacteria, foreign matter, fungal, clogging, stress

1:03 free radicals, spiked, holes, not enough O2,microorganisms in the cells, chronic fatigue syndrome, 
2:10 30 days after Picnagenols

2:58 Red blood cells in chains, rouleau, O2 transport hindered, decreased circulation, chronic fatigue, poor digestion,  edema, the clumpy cells cannot penetrate capilaries can cause degenerative tissue diseases, niddles in between cells are Liver stress marks, no E, blood clots, chronic bladder infection, yeast infections, problems with digestion, 
3:46 30 days after taking Picnagenols and digestive enzymes, red blood cells are round, separated, distinct, creating the maximum O2 and nutrients, no stress lines in the gray areas, the little red raspberry shaped are platelets are normal and separated -play role in blood coagulation, blood formation, 
4:36 Rouleau to max extent tight chains roll of coins - chains are locked, no single red blood cell, proteins digestion is greatly diminished, 
5:05 30 days after taking pygnagenols and digestive enzymes the rouleau is gone, cells are separated healthier looking, blood cells are round, freely floating in plasma, cell walls are strong, 
6:03 chronic fatigue sindrome, working only 2-3 hours a day, technically disabled
6:14 30 days after picnagenol able to work 8-10 hours/d , normal energy, 
and breathing, blood pressure is normal and steady

6:36 toxic chemicals, joint pain, totally disabled, using wheelchair, severe joint pain, 
6:48 30 days after pignogenol retiurned to work

Stephanie's Live Blood Analysis

 Dr. Brewer at
0:30 clumping rouleau, stucked to another rouleau eritrocyte(red blood cell) aggregation -
stick together because of undigested proteins
 the surface of the red blood cell has a negative charge, blood has pH slightly alcaline 7:45 - negative repell negative - stuck together - it means there is something glueing them together - proteins -very sticky in the blood - 
when red blood cells are like that they do not fit through capillaries, resulting in fatigue, brain fogg, poor digestion, incomplete bowel movements -
take enzymes with meals in 30 minutes 
9:42 bottle cap = air pollution, free radical , pesticide, toxins, smoke,
10:45 red crystal - medication 


Where To Find Acupressure Points That Will 

Help You To Get Rid Of The Toothache?

The most effective way to control toothache is to apply pressure on points that are located around your thumb nail. You will have to find which acupressure point is corresponding to your aching tooth. If the aching tooth is located in the lower jaw, then its corresponding acupressure point will be located near the end of the nail (i.e. edge of the finger). If on the other hand, the ache located on the upper jaw, then the fitting acupressure point will be located near the root of the nail, i.e. where it starts to grow.

How To Apply Pressure On The Acupressure 


With the aid of a massage stick or a similar object such as a toothpick, or the end of a ball-point pen (without ink), find the most painful spot that is also corresponding to the aching tooth, and massage that spot thoroughly, for several minutes. Usually, the pain will be diminished or even disappear entirely. 
After that, thoroughly warm-up that spot with the help of a Moxa (mini-Moxa would work best) and then attach a buckwheat seed with a help of a band-aid. From time to time, apply some pressure on the seed. It can remain there, until the pain goes away. 

CHOLESTEROL - LDL “Bad cholesterol” Indicates an Amino Acid Deficiency

LDL “Bad cholesterol” Indicates an Amino Acid

Deficiency, 99 Year Old Researcher Says 

Professor Kummerow has also battled against the standard thinking regarding cholesterol, stating that dietary cholesterol is good for your heart and that there are other factors that contribute to heart disease. In a paper published last year (2013) in the American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease, he explained once again that oxidized lipids (and oxidized cholesterol), as are found in overheated polyunsaturated oils like corn and soy, are the leading contributing factors to heart disease.




BACK Pain - Trigger Points

Pain Reference Chart

Trapezius Muscle Location and Trigger Points

Levator Scapula Muscle Location

Scalene Muscle Locations and Trigger Points

Serratus Posterior Superior Muscle Location and Trigger Points

Rhomboid Muscle Location and Trigger Points

Teres Major/Minor Muscle Location and Trigger Points

Latissimus Dorsi Muscle Location and Trigger Points

 *Disclaimer: For Educational purposes.






Treatment examples with Su-Jok. Lumbago. .
A case from doctor H. Petrov's practice, Rouse cyti, Bulgaria
44 years old. Immobile. Complained of sharp pain in the area L4-L5 (fourth-fifth lumbar vertebrae). The complaint appeared when he lifted a heavy load the day before that.
I found very painful points in the projection of fourth-fifth lumbar vertebrae on all fingers and toes (System "Insect").
I put three needles in each pain point on four fingers of the right hand and on four toes of the left foot. The needles stayed for thirty minutes. After their removal the pain in the waist totally disappeared. I studied the patient's condition during the following couple of days. He felt absolutely healthy. One procedure was enough for healing the illness.



Back pain  Backache Treatment by Sujok Part 2

Case Explained

 *Disclaimer: For Educational purposes.


Dementia Reversal with Coconut oil - in an 85yr old at 35 days.


Dr Mary Newport - Coconut Oil and Alzheimer's  
Case: Steve Newport*

Could coconut oil help fight ageing? High-fat diet could halt Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, study finds

  • Researchers analysed mice with a defect in their DNA repair system
  • In humans, this defect causes Cockayne syndrome: premature ageing
  • High fat diet postponed signs of ageing - impaired hearing or weight loss
  • Also postponed ageing of the brain and could stave off disease
  • Experts said fats gave the brain enough fuel to repair cell damage 
  • Ageing is caused when cells and DNA become damaged 
  • Hopes the discovery could pave the way for new treatments for patients with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease

Turmeric could improve the memory of people at risk of cognitive impairment

Adding just one gram of turmeric to breakfast could help improve the memory of people who are in the very early stages of diabetes and at risk of cognitive impairment.

TED Unconventional But Effective Therapy for Alzheimer's Treatment 2013 - Dr Mary Newport ]

Directions for the use of Coconut Oil

Alzheimer's is really just 'type-3' diabetes, new research shows

Alzheimer's Disease (AD)- Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease) - Autism - Choletsterol (increase HDL) -  Dementia - Epilepsy - HIV - Genital Herpes [helped by Lauric Acid]  -Natural antibiotic - Parkinson's Disease (PD)- Schizophrenia

Scientific Study
Our preclinical findings suggest that a ketone ester-containing diet has the potential to retard the disease process and improve cognitive function of patients with Alzheimers Disease (AD). []


Neurobiology of Aging
A ketone ester diet exhibits anxiolytic and cognition-sparing properties, and lessens amyloid

A diet containing a specific ketone ester was found to ameliorate behavioral abnormalities (anxiety and memory deficits) and reduce the amounts of Ab and pTau in brain regions known to mediate those behaviors in mice Ketones can act as an energy source for the brain during prolonged periods of fasting or in situations of compromised glucose utilization, whereas in the fed state, glucose is the main energy source for neurons. During fasting, endogenous fat stores are metabolized to ketone bodies, which are then exported to other tissues where they enter the mitochondria and provide substrates for the tricarboxylic acid cycle producing NADH equivalents.
Increasing circulating ketone bodies, via fasting or feeding a highfat low-carbohydrate diet, is effective in treating epilepsy.
However, the palatability of high-fat diets is generally poor and, when fed for prolonged periods, high-fat diets are likely to be atherogenic.
Hippocampus-dependent learning and memory is impaired the KET diet improved the performance of the 3xTgAD mice in the reversal learning version of the water maze test after mice in each diet group had learned the previous platform position at the same level of proficiency.
Previous studies have demonstrated that manipulation of the carbohydrate and fatcomponents of the diet can modify cognitive function and underlying processes ofneuroplasticity in normal mice and in animal models of AD. Diets high in saturated fat and/or simple sugars such as fructose and glucose impair neuroplasticity and can accelerate the development of Ab and pTau pathologies in AD mice
The increase in blood ketone bodies, by either a ketogenic diet or by feeding a ketone ester, would be expected to alleviate the impaired brain glucose metabolism that precedes the onset of AD. Ketone bodies can bypass the block in glycolysis resulting from impairment of insulin function (Kashiwaya et al., 1997). Our preclinical findings suggest that a ketone ester-containing diet has the potential to retard the disease process and improve cognitive function of patients with AD.

Coconut Oil for Alzheimer’s Disease

Coconut opening, the right way

When Dr. Newport's husband Steven was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's (58), as a Doctor herself, she explored routine treatment options. But when his symptoms became so severe that he was not able to participate in clinical trials, her scientific deductions led to coconut oil, which has led to amazing results.
Mary T. Newport, M.D. grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was educated at Xavier University and University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. She is board certified in pediatrics and neonatology, training at Children's Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, and Medical University Hospital in Charleston, SC. She is founding director of the newborn intensive care unit at Spring Hill Regional Hospital, practicing full-time through All Children's Specialty Physicians and volunteer clinical faculty at University of South Florida. She was also founding director of the neonatal intensive Care unit at Mease Hospital Dunedin.
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Pamela Rainbow 2013
Thank you Dr Newport, thank you a million times over! I heard about your treatment of your husband through a YouTube suggestion about two weeks ago, and have read almost everything that I could find on your work and on your website. I started my 86 year old father on coconut oil (Nutiva brand, cold-pressed, virgin, organic) and on MCT Oil (Alpha Supreme brand) on Saturday March 30. Within 48 hours, there was a noticeable difference, in speech and cognition! My family thanks you so much!
Azamat Bagatov 
For the first time the drug delevoping companies came with a real solution to Alzheimer’s Disease - just look here In 2012 it was announced in an epub ahead of print[5] that researchers had discovered that bexarotene reduced amyloid plaque and improved mental functioning in a small sample of mice engineered to exhibit Alzheimer's symptoms. It is thought that bexarotene stimulates expression of apolipoprotein E (ApoE), which leads to intracellular clearance of β-Amyloid."We've fixed Alzheimer's in mice lots of times, so we need to move forward.

Discovery of Bexarotene's Therapeutic Potential

Gary Landreth, Ph.D. and Paige Cramer, Ph.D. talk about their discovery that a cancer drug may help clear out soluble beta-amyloid and reduce excessive plaque found in Alzheimer's disease brains, and the next steps in studying the medication in humans.

Corneliu M  We could see the result after 10-12 hours. She took 2 pills first , next day in the morning her condition was much improved. where did u get an alzheimer's sick mice ?
Azamat Bagatov  I use Targretin for my mother ( age 58 ) she has been sick for about 8 years now , we started midt september 2012 - Noticed a huge improuvement the first 2 days after administration of the first dose, no side effects observed... She would not have been alive today without this bexarotene drug , i am very happy to say she is maybe the first person in the world who has been cured.
Nicolas Domingue Please look into HEMP OIL by Rick Simpson

Brain plaque builds up as arteries stiffen, study suggest ...
New guidelines address which patients might

We Must Beat Alzheimer's Before It Beats Us! And Here's How!

Alzheimer's Has Become the Scariest Disease of Later Life

Mother diagnosed with MS and facing life in a wheelchair is cured - after she discovered her symptoms were due to a TICK BITE 

  • Julia Marshall-Wessendorf, 37, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2010
  • An MRI scan showed lesions on her brain and spinal cord consistent with MS
  • Was on expensive drug regime and thought she faced future in a wheelchair
  • Developed other symptoms inconsistent with MS so did some research
  • Went to doctor and asked for test for tick-borne Lyme disease
  • It came back positive so she was treated with a simple course of antibiotics