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HEART - 3 biomarkers to be found EKG data

EKGs of patients who later died from cardiac-related issues had similar aberrant patterns.
the scientists found that those patients with one of the abnormalities, as noted by the biomarkers, were two to three times more likely to die within the year.
Zeeshan Syed, assistant professor of electrical engineering at the University of Michigan
The scientists analyzed the EKGs from more than 4,500 heart attack patients. And they found that the EKGs of patients who later died from cardiac-related issues had similar aberrant patterns.
in the journal Science Translational Medicine
3 biomarkers to be found EKG data. 1. so-called "morphologic variability" which is the amount of change in the shape of normal heartbeats over a long period of time. 2 is "heart rate motifs" which are sequences of changes in heart rate that show whether and how the heart is responding to the body’s nervous system. 3 is "symbolic mismatch" which compares how similar a patient’s EKG is to another patient with a similar medical history.

ENERGY - Vibrational medicine

Vibrational medicine is a diagnostic and healing approach to illness using energy in various forms and frequencies. As a therapy, vibrational medicine is the application of different types of energy for healing, including approaches as traditional as X-ray and radiation therapy for cancer, the use of electrical nerve stimulation for treating pain, and electromagnetic field stimulators for accelerating the healing of fractured bones. Even full spectrum light is used for treating seasonal affective disorders or the ‘winter blues’. However, vibrational medicine also covers the more subtle forms of treatment such as acupuncture, homeopathy, flower essences, therapeutic touch, and that sort of genre. The latter involve using subtle life-force medicine, but they are energetic therapies nonetheless. This is the spectrum from the more traditional to a range of therapies that stress treatment of the whole person, sometimes referred to as ‘complementary’ medicine.Richard Gerber

MAGNETS - their usage

The type of magnets used in healing are biomagnets

It is suggested that biomagnets heal by stimulating
the body to heal naturally. It is thought that biomagnets restore the magnetic balance of cells, enhance circulation, positively effect the pH balance of cells and influence hormone production.

CLAY - medicinal clay

The use of medicinal clay in folk medicine goes back to prehistoric times. The indigenous peoples around the world still use clay widely, which is related to geophagy. The first recorded use of medicinal clay goes back to ancient Mesopotamia. A wide variety of clays is being used for medicinal purposes - primarily for external applications, such as the clay baths in health spas (mud therapy), but also internally. Among the clays most commonly used for medicinal purposes are kaolin  and the smectite clays such as bentonite, montmorillonite, and Fuller's earth.

MASSAGE - definition

Massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being.

EXERCISE - Walking - king of exercises

HOMEOPATHY - definition

HOMEOPATHY - a system of medical practice that treats a disease especially by the administration of minute doses of a remedy that would in larger amounts produce in healthy persons symptoms similar to those of the disease

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