BRAIN - Awake through brain surgery

Absolutely amazing, a patient undergoes brain surgery while he's awake and invites cameras in on the operation for the benefit of, well, us!

BRAIN - The brain has 3 layers of working memory | Machines Like Us

Researchers from Rice University and Georgia Institute of Technology have found support for the theory that the brain has three concentric layers of working memory where it stores readily available items. Memory researchers have long debated

BRAIN - When Nerve Cells Stop Speaking: Neuroscientists Decode Important Mechanism of Nerve Cell Communication

ENERGY - Ancient "purity" seal found near Jerusalem temple site

FOODS - Eat mushrooms to improve your health and happiness this winter

Eat mushrooms to improve your health and happiness Mushrooms are rich in selenium and ergothioneine, two antioxidants that have been shown to boost immune function and help ward off disease.

FOODS - This Week's Vegetarian Meal Plan, December 26th to January 1st

FOODS - International Food Aid Now Sourcing More Local Ingredients

FOODS - Rare White Kiwi Hatches Just in Time for Christmas

IMMUNE SYSTEM - Self-Regulation of the Immune System Suppresses Defense Against Cancer

IMMUNE SYSTEM - New synthetic molecules treat autoimmune disease in mice

NEWS - How Bacteria Build Homes Inside Healthy Cells

NEWS - How Bacteria Fight Fluoride in Toothpaste and in Nature

NEWS - Balancing the Womb: New Research May Explain Premature Births

NEWS - HIV Study Named '2011 Breakthrough of the Year' by Science

NEWS - Scientists succeed in making the spinal cord transparent

NEWS - No-glasses 3-D technology to showcase at CES 2012

NEWS - Sea snails help researchers explore a way to enhance memory

NEWS CANCER - Starch Intake May Influence Risk for Breast Cancer Recurrence, Study Suggests

NEWS CANCER - New Sensor to Detect Lung Cancer from Exhaled Breath

NEWS CANCER - Researchers Use Light to Measure Cancer Cells' Response to Treatment

BRAIN - Multiple Sclerosis Linked to Different Area of Brain

BRAIN - When Nerve Cells Stop Speaking: Neuroscientists Decode Important Mechanism of Nerve Cell Communication

BRAIN - Brain Size May Predict Risk for Early Alzheimer's Disease

BRAIN - What are emotion expressions for?

BRAIN - Neuroscientists identify a master controller of memory

BRAIN - Optogenetics -- Combination switch turns neurons on and off

FOODS - Why You Should Grind Your Own Flour and Other Lessons from The Urban Farm Handbook (Book Review)

NEWS - A New Way of Approaching the Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease

NEWS - New-age prosthetic technique enables blind mice to see

NEWS - Prozac works better when used with other therapies

NEWS CANCER - Engineers develop more effective MRI contrast agent for cancer detection

SLEEP - Sleep Disorders Common Among Police Officers

BRAIN - Being Told Painting Is Fake Changes Brain's Response to Art

BRAIN - We Are Natural Born Multi-Taskers

BRAIN - Prejudice Comes from a Basic Human Need and Way of Thinking, New Research Suggests

BRAIN - How Pregnancy Changes a Woman's Brain

BRAIN - Why Humans Are So Sociable These Days

BRAIN - New Device for Rapid, Mobile Detection of Brain Injury

BRAIN - Crucial Advances in 'Brain Reading' Demonstrated

BRAIN - Study uncovers clues to what makes anesthetics work

BRAIN - Scientists identify a novel therapy with potential for treating Parkinson's disease

BRAIN - Learning left from right

ENERGY - The Great Bell Chant The End of Suffering - Read by Thich Nath Hanh, chanted by brother Phap Niem

'May the sound of this bell penetrate deep into the kosmos
even in the darkest spots
living beings are able to hear it clearly
so that all suffering in them ceases
understanding comes to their heart
and they transcend the path of sorrow and death
The Universal Dharma door is already open
the sound of the rising tide is heard clearly
The miracle happens
A beautiful child appears in the heart of a lotus flower
One single drop of this compassionate water
is enough to bring back the refreshing spring to our mountains
and rivers
Listening to the bell I feel afflictions in me begin to dissolve
my mind calm, my body relaxed
a smile is born on my lips
following the sound of the bell my breath brings me back
to the safe island of mindfulness
in the garden of my heart
the flowers of peace
bloom beautifully'

FOODS - International Food Aid Now Sourcing More Local Ingredients

HEART - Hypertension Treatment Associated With Long-Term Improvement in Life Expectancy

HEART - Can Nerve Growth Factor Gene Therapy Prevent Diabetic Heart Disease?

HEART - Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease - through good diet,coupled with other health promoting activities like exercise, adequate fresh air and sunlight, good water and sleep

Esselstyn, Jr., MD, the Cleveland Clinic surgeon who reversed heart disease and who says, "Moderation kills!"
A good diet, when coupled with other health promoting activities like exercise, adequate fresh air and sunlight, good water and sleep

HEART - Transplanting Memories - Heart transplant - changes in taste, personality, memories

Heart transplant is a routine operation. A number of Patients who have received new hearts are reporting huge changes in their taste, personality and most extraordinarily in their memories. They believe that they've received more than they've bargained for from their donors.

IMMUNE SYSTEM - Severe Sepsis Can Lead to Impairment of Immune System, Study Suggests

NEWS - Breakthrough in Treatment to Prevent Blindness

NEWS - French study suggests maggots may clean wounds faster than surgery

NEWS - Scientists pioneer new method for watching proteins fold

NEWS - New Take on Impacts of Low Dose Radiation

"Our data show that at lower doses of ionizing radiation, DNA repair mechanisms work much better than at higher doses,"

NEWS - Gene Therapy for Ears

NEWS - Model to Foster New Drug Development to Treat Pain and Epilepsy Developed

NEWS - Promising Results in Mice on Needle-Free Candidate Universal Vaccine Against Various Flu Viruses

NEWS - Do You Hear What I Hear? Noise Exposure Surrounds Us

NEWS - The Biology Behind Severe PMS

NEWS - Pregnant Women Advised to Stay Cool for Baby's Sake: Australian Study

NEWS - Single Cell Endoscope: Researchers Use Nanophotonics for Optical Look Inside Living Cells

NEWS - New Device for Rapid, Mobile Detection of Brain Injury

NEWS - Crucial Advances in 'Brain Reading' Demonstrated

NEWS - Scientists answer how bacteria fight toxic flouride

NEWS - How skin is wired for touch

NEWS CANCER - How Normal Cells Fuel Tumor Growth

NEWS CANCER - Fish oil may hold key to leukemia cure

NEWS CANCER - We can turn ON and turn OFF the progression of cancer (in laboratory) by nutritional means (just by nutrition).

1 protein (animal protein, not plant protein) consumed in excess the amount is needed it turns it ON, you take it away, it turns it OFF.

NEWS CANCER - A Cure For Cancer? Eating A Plant-Based Diet

Traditional doctors are so focused on the use of targeted therapies that they refuse to even acknowledge the use of therapies like nutrition and are loathe to even want to do proper research in this area.,b=facebook

BRAIN - Changes to the Brain in Patients With Spinal Cord Compression Identified

BRAIN - Potential Explanation for Mechanisms of Associative Memory

BRAIN - Alzheimer's Drug Candidate May Be First to Prevent Disease Progression, Mouse Study Suggests

BRAIN - Tapping the Brain Orchestra

BRAIN - Fungus-Induced Neurological Disease: An Underestimated Risk for Animals and Humans?

BRAIN - One Trait Has Huge Impact on Whether Alcohol Makes You Aggressive

BRAIN - Babies Remember Even as They Seem to Forget

BRAIN - Study: Eating less keeps the brain young

BRAIN - Brain function - A new way to measure the burden of aging across nations

BRAIN - Bone marrow-derived cells differentiate in the brain through mechanisms of plasticity

BRAIN - Discovering Autism: An unsettling boom

BRAIN - Innovative new strategy to treat Parkinson's disease

ENERGY - Acupuncture reduces protein linked to stress in first of its kind animal study

EXERCISE -Athletes warming up wrong: study

FOODS - Kraft Foods Studies and Publishes Its Total Environmental Footprint

HEART - Snipping key nerves may help life threatening heart rhythms

HEART - Middle-age blood pressure changes affect lifetime heart disease, stroke risk

NEWS - Scientists Uncover Evidence on How Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Cells Form

NEWS - Protein associated with learning implicated in causing grasshoppers to swarm

NEWS - Study settles 125-year debate on how nitrogen-fixing bacteria breaches cell walls of legumes

NEWS - New discovery may lead to safer treatments for asthma, allergies and arthritis

NEWS CANCER - Tissue Structure Delays Cancer Development

NEWS CANCER - New Target Found for Aggressive Cancer Gene

NEWS CANCER -Opting to track, not treat, early prostate cancer

NEWS CANCER - Starving Cancer

NEWS CANCER - Tissue structure delays cancer development

SLEEP - Secrets of the 'Sleep Hormone': Discovery Leads to Novel Melatonin Drug With Potential to Treat Insomnia

BRAIN - Potential Explanation for Mechanisms of Associative Memory

BRAIN - Less Knowledge, More Power: Uninformed Can Be Vital to Democracy, Study Finds

BRAIN - Tapping the Brain Orchestra

BRAIN - Blood Test Might Predict How Well a Depressed Patient Responds to Antidepressants

BRAIN - Second-Guessing One's Decisions Leads to Unhappiness, Psychology Researcher Finds

IMMUNE SYSTEM - Immunity Against the Cold

NEWS - New Strain of Lab Mice Mimics Human Alcohol Consumption Patterns

NEWS - Patient Isolation Associated With Hospital Delirium

NEWS - New Research Could Lead to Enhanced MRI Scans

NEWS - Rsearchers Demonstrate New DNA Detection Technique

NEWS CANCER - Scientists May Be Able to Double Efficacy of Radiation Therapy

NEWS CANCER - Childhood Cancer Drugs Cure Now, May Cause Problems Later, Research Shows

BRAIN - Test for Alzheimer's Disease Predicts Cognitive Decline in Parkinson's Disease

BRAIN - Was Darwin Wrong About Emotions?

BRAIN - Widespread Brain Atrophy Detected in Parkinson's Disease With Newly Developed Structural Pattern

BRAIN - 'Matrix'-Style Effortless Learning? Vision Scientists Demonstrate Innovative Learning Method

BRAIN - Nostalgic Consumers Are More Likely to Give to Charity

BRAIN - All It Takes Is a Smile (for Some Guys)

Men think women are interested when they're not
The more attractive the woman was to the man, the more likely he was to overestimate her interest.
'Oh, wow, that woman's really interested in me' -- and it turns out she's not
She's interested, and he totally misses out.
Be as communicative and clear as possible
Know that the more attracted you are, the more likely you are to be wrong about her interest

BRAIN - The Paradox of Gift Giving: More Not Better, Says New Study

BRAIN - Study provides potential explanation for mechanisms of associative memory

BRAIN - Research suggests people underestimate numerical guesses when leaning left

BRAIN - Change your Brain, Change Your Life

FOODS - Genetically Engineered Safety Act: The New Food Safety Bill?

FOODS - Do We Need a LEED-Type Certification System for Sustainable Food Production?

IMMUNE SYSTEM - 'Pep talk' can revive immune cells exhausted by chronic viral infection

HEALTH NEWS - ALLERGIES - Few Allergies in Unstressed Babies

HEALTH NEWS - Artificial Electronic Skin Can Respond to Touch

HEALTH NEWS - Friends and Loved Ones Yawn Together

HEALTH NEWS - Manipulating Serotonin Can Promote Healthy Repair in Chronic Liver Disease, Study Suggests

HEALTH NEWS - DNA -Visualization of DNA Synthesis in Vivo

HEALTH NEWS - Origins of Blood Stem Cells Detemined

HEALTH NEWS - Rare Genetic Disorder Provides Clues to Development of the Pancreas

HEALTH NEWS - First Study to Reveal How Paracetamol Works Could Lead to Less Harmful Pain Relief Medicines

HEALTH NEWS - Precise Detection by the Nose: Researchers Decipher Interaction of Fragrances and Olfactory Receptors

HEALTH NEWS - Simple Blood Test Diagnoses Parkinson's Disease Long Before Symptoms Appear

HEALTH NEWS - Microneedle sensors may allow real-time monitoring of body chemistry

HEALTH NEWS - In third-degree burn treatment, hydrogel helps grow new, scar-free skin

HEALTH NEWS - New detectors could provide easy visual identification of toxins or pathogens

HEALTH NEWS - Researchers discover how cells limit inflammation in lung injury

NEWS CANCER - Some Plant-Based Food Supplements Contain High Levels of Cancer Causing Agents, Study Suggests

NEWS CANCER - New Device Uses Gold Nanoparticles to Test for Lung Cancer

NEWS CANCER - Key genetic error found in family of blood cancers

BRAIN - A whole new meaning for thinking on your feet

BRAIN -Researchers illuminate the gap between experience and association

FOODS - What a Localized Food System Might Look Like: Tales From Across Britain (Video)

FOODS - Picky Eaters More Prone to Allergies

IMMUNE SYSTEM - Immune System in Leukemia Patients Repaired Following Chemotherapy

IMMUNE SYSTEM - Intestine crucial to function of immune cells, research shows

NEWS - Chimps Exhibit Human-Like Sharing Behavior

NEWS - Gene Therapy Achieves Early Success Against Hereditary Bleeding Disorder, Study Suggests

NEWS -B Cell Receptor Inhibitor Causes Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Remission

NEWS -How Salmonella Forms Evil Twins to Evade the Body's Defenses

NEWS - What Our Sugar & Ethanol Habits Are Doing to Central American Workers

NEWS - New Disinfection Technology Beats Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Can Kill Bedbugs Too

NEWS - Scar findings could lead to new therapies

NEWS - Rare genetic disorder provides clues to development of the pancreas

NEWS CANCER - Novel Therapeutic Approach for Liver Cancer Identified

NEWS CANCER - Breast Cancer Patients Face Increasing Number of Imaging Visits Before Surgery

NEWS CANCER - Smoking Is Strongly Associated With Squamous Cell Carcinoma Among Women

NEWS CANCER - New vaccine attacks breast cancer in mice

NEWS CANCER - Scientists discover new way to target cancer

HEALTH BRAIN - Bee swarms behave just like neurons in the human brain

Honeybee swarms and complex brains show many parallels in how they make decisions. In both, separate populations of units (bees or neurons) integrate noisy evidence for alternatives and when one population exceeds a threshold the alternative it represents is chosen. We show that a key feature of a brain—cross inhibition between the evidence-accumulating populations—also exists in a swarm as it chooses its nesting site. Nest-site scouts send inhibitory stop signals to other scouts producing waggle dances, causing them to cease dancing, and each scout targets scouts reporting sites other than her own. An analytic model shows that cross inhibition between populations of scout bees increases the reliability of swarm decision-making by solving the problem of deadlock over equal sites. Bees Think Like Complex Brains

HEALTH BRAIN - Neuroscientists Boost Memory in Mice

HEALTH BRAIN - Research Could Help People With Declining Sense of Smell

HEALTH BRAIN - Alzheimer's Antibodies Developed

HEALTH BRAIN - Researchers design Alzheimer's antibodies

HEALTH BRAIN - Learning high-performance tasks with no conscious effort may soon be possible (w/ video)

HEALTH BRAIN -Fear affects predator-prey relationship: study

HEALTH DIGESTION - Vaccine against epidemic gastroenteritis being tested

HEALTH EXERCISE - Scientists kick off debate over barefoot running

HEALTH FOODS - Safe Sushi App Tells You How Much Mercury Is In Your Spicy Tuna Roll

in the Android market and coming to iTunes on December 16th
Safe Sushi includes a tutorial that illustrates how mercury is absorbed into the atmosphere and moves through the food chain
"Mercury comes primarily from coal-fired power plants, where it rains down into our rivers and streams and then gets into the fish. When we eat contaminated fish (such as certain types of tuna)

HEALTH LONGEVITY - Drug Reverses Aging-Associated Changes in Brain Cells, Animal Study Shows

HEALTH LONGEVITY - Proteins linked to longevity may be involved in mood control

HEALTH NEWS - Spider Silk and Melodies: Patterns Linked

HEALTH NEWS - Changes in Bioelectric Signals Trigger Formation of New Organs: Tadpoles Made to Grow Eyes in Back, Tail

HEALTH NEWS - Helping Your Fellow Rat: Rodents Show Empathy-Driven Behavior, Evidence Suggests

HEALTH NEWS CANCER - Suppression of protein critical to cell division stops cancer cells from dividing, kills them

HEALTH NEWS - Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander’s Near-Death Experience Defies Medical Model of Consciousness

Interview reveals how a near-death experience changed everything neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander thought he knew about consciousness

BRAIN - Scientists Discover How Brain Corrects Bumps to Body

BRAIN - New Biochemical Changes Found in Children With ADHD

BRAIN - Psychopathy: A Misunderstood Personality Disorder

BRAIN - Optical illusion reveals reflexes in the brain

BRAIN - Why aren't we smarter already? Evolutionary limits on cognition

BRAIN - Men have a stronger reaction to seeing other men's emotions compared with women's

BRAIN - A mother's touch may protect against drug cravings later

BRAIN -New insights into how the brain reconstructs the third dimension

HEART - Study could lead to drug therapies for preventing atherosclerosis

IMMUNE SYSTEM - How to stop the flu: Researchers identify proven strategies to prevent influenza from spreading

NEWS - Measuring Living Cells' Mechanical Properties

NEWS - How to stop the flu: Researchers identify proven strategies to prevent influenza from spreading

NEWS CANCER - Fruits and Vegetables Reduce Risks of Specific Types of Colorectal Cancers, Study Finds

NEWS CANCER - Closing in on an ulcer- and cancer-causing bacterium

NEWS CANCER - Nipping metastases in the bud: A novel strategy for fighting cancer targets secondary tumors

BRAIN - Autism May Involve Disordered White Matter in the Brain

BRAIN - Promising Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Targets Immune Cells to Increase Neuroprotection, Study Shows

BRAIN -Child Abuse Changes the Brain, Study Finds

BRAIN - Memory and Attention Problems May Follow Preemies Into Adulthood

BRAIN - New ADHD Gene Study Points to Defects in Brain Signaling Pathways

BRAIN - Confidence Is Key to Women's Spatial Skills

BRAIN - Listening to Music Lights Up the Whole Brain

BRAIN - Psychology researcher finds that power does go to our heads

BRAIN - Being told painting is fake changes brain's response to art

ENERGY - Acupuncture May Ease Severe Nerve Pain Associated With Cancer Treatment, Study Suggests

FOODS - Researchers Evaluate Rice as a Source of Fetal Arsenic Exposure

FOODS - Bitter taste perception is not just about flavors, geneticists show

MASSAGE - How Muscle Fatigue Originates in the Head

NEWS - More Young People Are Becoming Nurses; Trend May Help Ease Future Nursing Shortage in U.S.

NEWS - Kids Born Just a Few Weeks Early at Risk of Behavioral Problems, Study Suggests

NEWS - Physical Fitness Trumps Body Weight in Reducing Death Risks, Study Finds

NEWS - Orphaned Children Exhibit Genetic Changes That Require Nurturing Parents, Study Finds

NEWS - How fruit flies can teach us about curing chronic pain and halting mosquito-borne diseases

NEWS CANCER - Neurotransmitter Dopamine Might Improve the Treatment of Cancer, New Study Suggests

NEWS CANCER - Team develops tumor destruction method that also creates immunity

BRAIN - Gray matter in brain's control center linked to ability to process reward

The more gray matter you have in the decision-making, thought-processing part of your brain, the better your ability to evaluate rewards and consequences. That may seem like an obvious conclusion, but a new study conducted at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory

BRAIN -Man Uses His Schizophrenia to Gather Clues for Daily Living

Milt Greek, an Ohio computer programmer, helps other people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia to share their stories and gain insight into their condition.

BRAIN - Maltreated children show same pattern of brain activity as combat soldiers

DIGESTION - New Way to Rate Severity of Colitis, a Common Cause of Diarrhea

FOODS - How to Tell Which Egg is Freshest

HEART - Oxidative stress: Less harmful than suspected?

NEWS - Human skin yields stem cell-like cells

NEWS - Where is the accurate memory? The eyes have it

NEWS - Rhode Island Hospitals Stop Offering Formula to Encourage Breastfeeding

NEWS CANCER - Cells use allergic response to protect against cancer-causing damage

NEWS CANCER - Scientists expose important new weak spot in cancer cells

BRAIN - Is It Alzheimer's Disease or Another Dementia? Marker May Give More Accurate Diagnosis

BRAIN - Why do some people never forget a face?

DIABETES - Researchers provide world's first view of Type 1 diabetes as it unfolds

FOODS - Eating Fish Reduces Risk of Alzheimer's Disease, Study Finds

FOODS - Organic Beef Company Lets Customers Choose Method of Slaughter Online

northeastern Germany is letting its customers choose the method of slaughter for their beef
slaughter on pasture requires no capture, separation or fixing of the cattle
a license is also required to kill cows in this way

HEART - I heart Facebook: Scientists turn to social networks to study cardiovascular health

HEART - Researchers Examine Role of Inflammatory Mechanisms in a Healing Heart

HEART - Low Vitamin C Levels May Raise Heart Failure Patients' Risk

HEART - Heart Attack Risk Differs Between Men and Women

HEART - Sugar-Sweetened Beverages May Increase Cardiovascular Risk in Women, Research Suggests

NEWS - Two out of Three Medical Students Do Not Know When to Wash Their Hands

NEWS - Researchers Develop Blood Test to Detect Membranous Nephropathy