Examination of Live Blood in DarkField by Dr Hilbert Seeger MD, PhD

Dr Marcial Vega  goji

Acidic Blood vs Alkaline Blood

0:50 not O2, very acid, dots little brown =bacteria, dark spots=cholesterol
taking goji 1:50 more alcaline , white blood needs to be white 3:12 after 5 days anemic, plae in the center, 3:47 uric acid crystals 8 days of taking goji
4:05 hemoglobin - alcalinisation, well delineated - 10 days  4:57 fungus is white it is surrounded by white blood cell
goji takes effect within 48 hours


Blood slide preparation for Dark Field Microscopy Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis Dark Field Microscopy explained

Neutrophyl and Monocyte

Enderlein Dunkelfeld

Live Blood Analysis / Vitalblutuntersuchung im Dunkelfeld

Clare Shepherd Czerall Wheeler Prime Directive

Live Blood Analysis

0:33 Healthy blood
1:16 Migraines, IBS, disturbed memory - blood cells stacked = rouleau
or in clumps -
3:14 ME, nausea
4:00clear plasma, 2 naps / day , not tired 
chylomicrons (fat particles)
5:10 Healthy  plasma clean, no debris, shimmering live, healthy, taken supplements

5:56 IBS , diarrhea 14 x/d, abdominal pain, depression, fatigue, lassitude, hysterctomy, stacked rouleau, fine lines in plasma
7:13 better, sleep and overall

7:39 IBS, colitis, diarrhea
7:55 after 2 months on supplements

9:34 rouleau
9:51 after 3 months of supplements, 10:50 immune cells at work 
11:12 chicken pox, flu, cough cold, low E, poor stamina, join pain, skin rash
11:454 after 3 mo E, no muscular pain, better mem, concentr, no more cough,no skin rash, plasma clean, evenness , immune vitality improved, immune number, 

Lacto Bacilus, Amino acids, Essential fats, minerals, vitamins, trace elements
in Prime Directive superfood

Dr Pearl La Perla

Darkfield Microscopy and Revitalized Water.

The Basil Gold show.
Revitalized Water
1:35 Rouleau= red blood cells stacked excess proteins, lack of hydration , loose charge repell one another, stick together, no O2, fatigue, lack of E, motivation, degenerative disease
2:53  fibrin in the middle

Shocking Blood Samples Doctors Don't Want YOU to See!

Picnogenol, digestive enzymes
0:43 NORMAL Red blood cells round, evenly shaped, freely floating in plasma
no clotting, bacteria, foreign matter, fungal, clogging, stress

1:03 free radicals, spiked, holes, not enough O2,microorganisms in the cells, chronic fatigue syndrome, 
2:10 30 days after Picnagenols

2:58 Red blood cells in chains, rouleau, O2 transport hindered, decreased circulation, chronic fatigue, poor digestion,  edema, the clumpy cells cannot penetrate capilaries can cause degenerative tissue diseases, niddles in between cells are Liver stress marks, no E, blood clots, chronic bladder infection, yeast infections, problems with digestion, 
3:46 30 days after taking Picnagenols and digestive enzymes, red blood cells are round, separated, distinct, creating the maximum O2 and nutrients, no stress lines in the gray areas, the little red raspberry shaped are platelets are normal and separated -play role in blood coagulation, blood formation, 
4:36 Rouleau to max extent tight chains roll of coins - chains are locked, no single red blood cell, proteins digestion is greatly diminished, 
5:05 30 days after taking pygnagenols and digestive enzymes the rouleau is gone, cells are separated healthier looking, blood cells are round, freely floating in plasma, cell walls are strong, 
6:03 chronic fatigue sindrome, working only 2-3 hours a day, technically disabled
6:14 30 days after picnagenol able to work 8-10 hours/d , normal energy, 
and breathing, blood pressure is normal and steady

6:36 toxic chemicals, joint pain, totally disabled, using wheelchair, severe joint pain, 
6:48 30 days after pignogenol retiurned to work

Stephanie's Live Blood Analysis

 Dr. Brewer at
0:30 clumping rouleau, stucked to another rouleau eritrocyte(red blood cell) aggregation -
stick together because of undigested proteins
 the surface of the red blood cell has a negative charge, blood has pH slightly alcaline 7:45 - negative repell negative - stuck together - it means there is something glueing them together - proteins -very sticky in the blood - 
when red blood cells are like that they do not fit through capillaries, resulting in fatigue, brain fogg, poor digestion, incomplete bowel movements -
take enzymes with meals in 30 minutes 
9:42 bottle cap = air pollution, free radical , pesticide, toxins, smoke,
10:45 red crystal - medication