Where To Find Acupressure Points That Will 

Help You To Get Rid Of The Toothache?

The most effective way to control toothache is to apply pressure on points that are located around your thumb nail. You will have to find which acupressure point is corresponding to your aching tooth. If the aching tooth is located in the lower jaw, then its corresponding acupressure point will be located near the end of the nail (i.e. edge of the finger). If on the other hand, the ache located on the upper jaw, then the fitting acupressure point will be located near the root of the nail, i.e. where it starts to grow.

How To Apply Pressure On The Acupressure 


With the aid of a massage stick or a similar object such as a toothpick, or the end of a ball-point pen (without ink), find the most painful spot that is also corresponding to the aching tooth, and massage that spot thoroughly, for several minutes. Usually, the pain will be diminished or even disappear entirely. 
After that, thoroughly warm-up that spot with the help of a Moxa (mini-Moxa would work best) and then attach a buckwheat seed with a help of a band-aid. From time to time, apply some pressure on the seed. It can remain there, until the pain goes away.