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A case from doctor T. Goering's practice, Berlin city, Germany.
12 years old child. He suffered from night urinary incontinence since he was 6 years old. Urinated almost every night.
The entire projection of the bladder in the system was painful.
1. I massaged with a diagnostic probe the projections of the bladder (Main systemfor 4-5 minutes.
2. I traced out the projection of the bladder on one hand and one foot (Main system) and marked the classic acupuncture point J-4 on the stomach. I explained to the parents of the child how to warm them up with moxa at home (the projections for 25 minutes and the classic point for 15 minutes).
We made one course of 15 procedures at an interval of 1 day by cross-alternation of the hands and feet. The child's urinary incontinence stopped after the fourth procedure.....

Regaining the functioning of inactive kidneys with other syndromes; even a person is on dialysis.

"Kidney meridian of the foot, and centripetal belongs to the Yin system. Here the energy of UM-Coldness at the level of physical energies, energy of UM-Fear at the emotional level, and energy of UM-Wisdom at the mental level. It receives energy from the bladder meridian and transmits it to the pericardium and most activity takes place from 05 pm till 07 pm. Its energy moves from sole center towards the ankle inner-to-inner knee then to penis, testicles, abdomen (CV) and chest."

URI Enuresis BLADDER seeds

URI Enuresis Sedate Fear

URI Enuresis Sedate Humid

URI Kidney Cyst Sedate Humid UM Coldness

URI kidneys minisystem

                                                      URI kidneys Insect

        URI night urination Edema legs Sedate Humid Sedate Dryness 

                                                                                         URI Sedate Humid Tonify Wind Sedate Dryness Chakra1

URI Urether

                                                                                                              URI Tract Infection 

Urinary Infection

Color Therapy

Line no. 6 - Point no. 3 - Yellow 
Line no. 6 - Point no. 4 - Yellow 
Line no. 2 - Point no. 3 - Yellow 
Line no. 2 - Point no. 4 - Yellow 

Meta Physical Aspect Hyper kinetic activity of mind and body in case of children can result in bed wetting. Lack of viscosity can also be described for this purpose. bed-wetting.jpg

Frequent Urination

Color Therapy

Line no. 2 - Point no. 6. - Orange 
Line no. 6 - Point no. 1. - Orange 
Meta Physical Aspect Fear and anxiety along with impulsive nature can be favourable for frequent urination.

                          Kidney Problems

Color Therapy

Line No. 12 - Point No. 2 – Red 
Line No. 12 - Point No. 6 – Red 
Line No. 12 - Point No. 4 – Green 
Line No. 12 - Point No. 3 – Green 
Middle line of Thumb - Point No. 2 – Red 
Middle line of Thumb - Point No. 6 – Red 
Middle line of Thumb - Point No. 4 – Green 
Middle line of Thumb - Point No. 3 – Green 

Meta Physical Aspect Constant fear over a long period or elderly present the malfunctioning of kidney. kidney.jpg

                                                                                                            UTI Kidney Nephritis

                                                                                                         UTI  Kidney Stones

.                                                           UTIBed wetting

SEEDS used for KIDNEY Conditions:
-Kidney Beans

-Black Pepper 
Seed Therapy SUJOK - on FEET
TV Asia interviews Dr. Rajesh Patel.
By 5:52 Seeds on Soles of Feet

Dr. K. Oshakbaev, Municipal polyclinic No.10, Almata, Kazakhstan
Urolithiasis and kidney cysts are the most common urological diseases requiring surgical treatment. Today, enuresis is also among the disorders whose traditional treatment leaves much to be desired. Thus we thought it interesting to discuss treatments of these particular diseases by Su Jok therapy.
We treated 34 patients. Twenty five children in the age range between 3 to 14 suffered from enuresis, 6 patients had kidney stones from 7.0 to 15.0 mm in diameter; and 3 patients had kidney cysts as large as 2 to 6 cm2.
Each patient received an individual treatment depending on associated pathologies. For complete cure of patients with enuresis 3 to 5 procedures were enough, and the patients with urolothiasis and kidney cysts - from 10 to 12 Su Jok therapy procedures. The procedures were administered once in 2 or 3 days and lasted 25 to 35 minutes.
Treatment was conducted at various levels. Basic energy points had been warmed up with moxas before the main procedure in all patients. The most often used correspondence systems were the closed front-back and left-right systems of the hands and ear auricles, along with the kidneys correspondence system on the feet (Fig. 1). Action was effected using needles, moxas, magnets, and seeds.
Fig. 1. The feet unified standard correspondence to the kidneys
The most effective options of Six Ki treatment were sedation of the branch Coldness energy in the kidney byol-meridian and tonification of the branch Hotness energy in the heart byol-meridian (Fig. 2).
Fig. 2. Tonification of branch Hotness energy of the heart byol-meridian
Also, treatment involved internal byol-chakras: sedation of the unified energy of Coldness and Dryness, tonification of the unified energy of Hotness and Heat (Fig. 3).
Fig. 3. Sedation of the unified Coldness energy along internal byol-chakras
In the Diamond energy structure Coldness and Dryness were sedated in the lower back central Border meridian and in the back sagittal Core meridian. Treatment was performed on the hands and auricles (Fig. 4).
Fig. 4. Sedation of Coldness energy in the Diamond system of the auricle
One of the most effective approaches was treatment on the kidney joint meridian according to the Triorigin theory (Fig. 5).
Fig. 5. Triorigin treatment of urolithiasis through the kidney joint meridian
The effect of our efforts was wonderful. All 25 children were cured of enuresis. A relapse of illness was observed only in two of them. In both cases it was triggered by a grave fear (one child fell down from a horse, and the other was bitten by a dog). These children has to undergo a repeat course of treatment. Following a treatment course, all patients with urolithiasis and kidney cysts had a test ultrasound and X-ray investigation that showed complete absence of stones or cysts.
The results obtained drive us to the conclusion that Su Jok therapy is a highly effective and safe treatment for such kidney pathologies and urolithiasis, kidney cysts and enuresis, and thus it undoubtedly has wide perspectives.